You Can Follow Faith to its Conclusion (Judgment) In matters of mortality: See the total corruption of sin In matters of salvation: Trust God’s comp...View Details

Idolatry Hits Close to Home through Identity Man tries to identify with God by idolatry God defeats idolatry by changing man’s identity

Theme: Two Ways that God Touches Your Emotion 1. Fear that leads to respect 2. Faithfulness that leads to hope Text: Genesis 28:10-17 Now Jacob went o...View Details

Preached at Redemption on October 20, 2019 - Mission Festival Sunday 2019

Theme: Speaking Acceptably in the King’s Presence Debate and Disclose Wisely Give the Fit Word that Refreshes Souls Proverbs 25:6-13 Evangelical He...View Details

Sermon Theme:  Please Lord, Open our Eyes That we may see Your protection and plan That we may trust your grace for our lives 2 Kings 6:8-17 When the...View Details

Sermon from 9/29/19 Sermon Text: 1 Kings 17:17-24

Sermon from September 22, 2019 Sermon Text: Psalm 49:5-15

Sermon from September 15, 2019  Theme: See the Meaning of this Parable By looking at your needs, because of sin By looking at Jesus, with a healing ...View Details

Sermon from September 8, 2019

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